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Products - Silicone Pigments

Our S-SeriesSFX-Series, BC (Body-Colour)-Series, AND ALL NEW P-Series bases are specially designed to intrinsically colour your silicone pieces. Mixing a few drops of these pigments directly into your silicone mix will tint the whole silicone batch to a specific base colour. You can then add detailed surface colouration with F-SeriesM-Series, and/or LY-Series FuseFX paints.


These pigments go a long way! 

One 30 gram bottle of our S-Series pigments can tint over 3,300 grams of catalyzed silicone (or approx. 7.2 pounds or 116.4 oz). Now THAT'S a lot of silicone!!!

By popular demand we've turned some of our favorite F-Series silicone paints into 1-part Silicone Pigments! Learn more about our amazing new P-Series!

S-Series Pigments

S-Series colours are literally the foundation of the FuseFX system. They are designed to precisely mimic human flesh tones. 11 foundation tones and 4 sizes are available.


  • S-300 Porcelain

  • S-301 Light

  • S-302 Medium

  • S-303 Olive

  • S-304 Medium Olive

  • S-305 Rosy

  • S-306 Warm Rosy

  • S-307 Warm Tan

  • S-308 Tan

  • S-309 Dark Tan

  • S-310 Dark

SFX-Series Pigments

SFX-Series colours are for more fantasy and trauma-based skin tones. 7 colours and 4 sizes are available.


  • S-311 Waxxy

  • S-312 Howie Green

  • S-313 Yella-Ray

  • S-314 Suzy Paulette Blue

  • S-315 Apricot

  • S-316 Walnut

  • S-317 Yo Green

BC-Series Pigments

BC-Series colours are surgeon approved colours for replicating realistic organs and body parts. 4 colours and 4 sizes are available.


  • BC-01 Hearty - for heart, muscle, & gum tissue

  • BC-02 Fatty - for simulating fat tissue

  • BC-03 Bowely - for simulating intestines and bowel tissue

  • BC-04 Milky - for mammary tissue


P-Series Pigments

BRAND NEW!  We've been asked many times if we could release our popular 2-part, F-series paint colours in a single-part pigment, similar to our S-Series skin tones. And the answer is YES.

We've taken the 10 most requested colours and changed them into pigments. The P-series holds the best of both worlds, combining the strong, unique colours of our F-series paints with the ease-of-use and large-batch-consistency of our S-series pigments. Simply mix 0.5g of pigment per 10g of silicone for full opacity and perfect colour every time. 10 colours and 4 sizes are available.


  • P-400 Jet Black

  • P-401 Pure White

  • P-416 Fresh Blood

  • P-417 Old Blood

  • P-418 Sasha Vein Blue

  • P-422 Bleached Bone

  • P-424 Real Cool Grey

  • P-428 Scarline

  • P-431 Nailbed

  • P-435 2-Lips


Sizes Available

  • 30g (1 oz)

  • 250g (8 oz)

  • 500g (16 oz)

  • 4 Kilo (135 oz)
    available by Special Order

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