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How-To Videos

We pride ourselves on how easy FuseFX is to use, even for beginners.

However even experts can use a little assistance sometimes. If you have any questions about using FuseFX we hope the information below will be helpful.

Using S-Series Silicone Pigments

The FuseFX system comprises 2 main steps. Step 1 is using our S-series pigments to tint your liquid silicone to an appropriate human skin tone and translucency. 
This video shows you how easy it is to achieve the perfect ratio of tint to silicone every time

Painting A Silicone Face With FuseFX

The heart of the FuseFX system! Even 100% beginners can achieve a high-realism skin look by following this process.

Please Note - although this video focuses primarily on the products contained in our MPK-01 kits, our F-series paints are mixed and applied in a very similar fashion. 

Using Royal Jel-E Mold Release For Silicones

FuseFX Royal JeL-E mold release has been especially developed for casting silicone into silicone mold. It is a water based solution that is easily applied and washes off clean with water, leaving no contaminants on the silicone surface.

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