With FuseFX paints even beginners get predictable, dependable results!
FuseFX paints, pigments, and products are for use on PLATINUM SILICONE SURFACES ONLY and should NOT be used directly on skin!

Colours designed to intrinsically tint your silicone to the perfect skin tone or fantasy base before you add surface details.

The heart of the FuseFX system - a complete range of silicone paint colours, tones, and translucencies to achieve just the look you want.

Give a nice matte, glossy,  or eggshell sheen finish to your silicone piece with these surface finishes.

Lubricants, mold releases, and other products designed to make manipulating and casting silicone pieces as easy as possible. 

Everything you need to get started with FuseFX, from trial sized kits to full sized sets for professional shops