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Our M-SeriesF-Series, and  LY-Series  paints are designed to be applied to a cured, cleaned silicone piece (in particular a piece tinted with one of our FuseFX base pigments).  Our paints are sold in 2-part "kits" - you mix an equal amount of "Part A" and the chosen colour, then apply as desired to your silicone piece (to prevent loss of details you can also "backpaint" colours into a released mold before filling with the bulk of your silicone).


A 1 oz (30g) package of  either F/M/or LY paint (15g of colour and 15g of part "A") can cover an area of over 10 square feet when applied in a stipple fashion. A little goes a long way...

M-Series colours are excellent for creating the most realistic skin tone effects in silicone. "M" stands for medical - these colours have been specifically designed to duplicate the detailed variation in colour apparent in human skin tone. These precise colours are semi-translucent and designed to be used directly - no need to thin into washes before applying (however, with the proper solvents, M-Series can be airbrushed as well). 8 colours are available:

M-101 Olive Tan - darkens the skin as a "tan" (with an olive undertone). Also for adding freckles and age spots.

M-102 Tan - darkens the skin as a "tan" on most light to med skin tones. Also for adding freckles and age spots.

M-103 Dark Tan - darkens the skin as a "tan" on most med to dark skin tones. Also for adding freckles and age spots.

M-104 Warm Blush - adds a warmth to fair skin tones

M-105 Blush - for adding warmth to skin tones from light to medium shades

M-106 Deep Blush - for use on medium to dark skin tones, or to give a more cooler tone to the skin

M-107 Yellow - to give a more olive tone to the skin or fatty tissue

M-108 Blue - to create veins or to give a bluer tint to the skin or mauvy blush

M/F-110 Clear is designed as a clear coat for silicone painting. Is also used as a binder for WS-Series Water Soluble Matting Powder* or as a binder for your own Platinum silicone compatible pigments (always do a test first!). Can also be used as an encapsulator for Gel-filled silicone appliances.


* M/F-110 can also be purchased in a kit with either 2 or 8oz of our Water Soluble Matting Powder

  • 200 - Jet Black

  • 201 - Pure White

  • 202 - Cyan Blue

  • 203 - Smooth Blue

  • 204 - Smooth Yellow

  • 205 - Juicy Orange

  • 206 - Luscious Red

  • 207 - Chewy Magenta

  • 208 - Skin Mauve

  • 209 - Moulin Rouge

  • 210 - Green Green

  • 211 - Pickled Olive

  • 212 - Yellowy Ochre

  • 213 - Rusty Sienna



F-Series colours have been developed with special-FX artists, silicone sculptors, and doll artisans in mind. They contain a higher concentration of pigments than either the M-Series or LY-Series resulting in faster coverage and stronger, more opaque colours. When diluted with the appropriate solvent (such as toluene, xylene, or naptha) the F-Series is excellent for airbrushing.

  • 214 - Earthy Umber

  • 215 - Totally Marooned

  • 216 - Fresh Blood

  • 217 - Old Blood

  • 218 - Sasha Vein Blue

  • 219 - Bruise Red

  • 220 - Bruise Yellow

  • 221 - Bruise Purple

  • 222 - Bleached Bone

  • 223 - Sickly Grey

  • 224 - Real Cool Grey

  • 225 - Ultra Violet

  • 226 - Smokey Black

  • 227 - Just Grey

  • 228 - Scarline

  • 229 - Browny Brown

  • 230 - Darkest Brown

  • 231 - Nailbed 1

  • 232 - Rawest Sienna

  • 233 - Umber Toast

  • 234 - 5 O'Shadow

  • 235 - 2 Lips

  • 236 - Natural Tan

  • 237 - Natural Blush




LY-Series colours (AKA Layering colours) are a sheer skin tone paint and are a vital part in creating the perfect skin tone finish. LY colours directly correspond to S-series and SFX-series base colours (eg S-301 Light Flesh colour pigment is equivalent to LY-01 Light, S-312 Howie Green colour pigment is equivalent to LY-12 Green, etc...) and this adding a layer of LY colour over top of a layer of F-series or M-series paints will create a perfect "under the skin" look. There are currently 15 colours available:


  • LY-00 Porcelain (matches S-300 Porcelain)

  • LY-01 Light (matches S-301 Light)

  • LY-02 Medium (matches S-302 Medium)

  • LY-03 Olive (matches S-303 Olive)

  • LY-04 Medium Olive (matches S-304 Medium Olive)

  • LY-05 Rosy (matches S-305 Rosy)

  • LY-06 Warm Rosy (matches S-306 Warm Rosy

  • LY-11 Waxxy (matches S-311 Waxxy)

  • LY-12 Howie Green (matches S-312 Howie Green

  • LY-13 Yellah Ray (matches S-313 Yellah Ray)

  • LY-14 Suzy Paulette Blue (matches S-314 Suzy  Paulette Blue)

  • LY-15 Apricot (matches S-315 Apricot)

  • LY-16 Walnut (matches S-316 Walnut) NOT SHOWN

  • LY-17 YO Green (matches S-317 Yo Green) NOT SHOWN

PART-A Silicone Accelerators


FuseFX F, M, and LY-Series paints normally have a working time of 10 minutes and a curing time of 2 hours (although this can be accelerated by applying heat). By replacing the normal Part A in the mixture with FuseFX's Fast-Eh or REALLY Fast-Eh? the working at setting times can be greatly accelerated.


  • 15g (.5 oz)

  • 30g (1 oz)

  • 125g (4 oz)

  • 250g (8 oz)


Working Time:  5-7 minutes

Curing Time: 30-40 minutes

Airbrushing: a working time of 20 minutes can be achieved by mixing 1.5 to 2 parts solvent to 1 part of mixed FuseFX paint.


Working Time:  1-2 minutes

Curing Time: 8-10 minutes

Airbrushing: a working time of 10 minutes can be achieved by mixing 1.5 to 2 parts solvent to 1 part of mixed FuseFX paint.

Sizes Available

  • 30g (1 oz)

  • 250g (8 oz)

  • 500g (16 oz)

  • 4 Kilo (135 oz)
    available by Special Order

  • 60g (2 oz)

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