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Products - Silicone Finishes

WS Matting Powder


  • 60g (2 oz)

  • 150g (8oz by volume)

  • 60g (2 oz) Kit with 30g (1oz) M/F-110 Clear

  • 150g (8oz by volume) Kit with 30g (1oz) M/F-110 Clear


FuseFX paints, (and platinum silicone in general) when cured have a natural glossy finish. If, however, you want your pieces to have a matt finish, then you'll need WS Matting Powder to dull the surface of your silicone.

Other finishes can be achieved with FuseFX
M/F-110 Clear (for an extra glossy "wet" look, or to act as a binder for matt powder and other pigments) or FuseFX Liquid Sheen (for a gentle, natural "eggshell" finish, between matt and glossy).

WS-Series Matting Powder is a unique blend of water-based matting agents designed to eliminate the shine from painted silicone surfaces, resulting in a flat matt finish with little or no sheen. 
WS Matting Powder residue washes off clean with a little soap and warm water, dries clear, and does not leave a "blue" tint to the surface, unlike Cabosil. In fact WS Matting Powder contains NO Amorphous silica or Cabosil. 

WS Matting Powder  is normally used in conjunction with FuseFX M/F-110 Clear. A very thin layer of M/F-110 Clear  is applied to the piece and, while the piece is still wet, WS Matting Powder is sprinkled over the surface. The M/F-110 Clear thus acts as a binding agent, bonding the matting powder to the surface. After curing, excess matt powder is washed away with soap and water.
Because of this partnership, WS Matting Powder is available on its own OR in kit form, accompanied by M/F-110 Clear.


M/F-110 Clear is designed as a clear coat for silicone painting. Is also used as a binder for WS-Series Water Soluble Matting Powder* or as a binder for your own Platinum silicone compatible pigments (always do a test first!). Can also be used as an encapsulator for Gel-filled silicone appliances.


  • 30g (1 oz)

  • 60g (2 oz)

  • 250g (8 oz)

  • 500g (16 oz)

  • 4 Kilo (135 oz)
    available by Special Order

* M/F-110 can also be purchased in a kit with either 2 or 8oz of our Water Soluble Matting Powder

Liquid Sheen Silicone Finish

Developed for the Medical Prosthesis industry, FuseFX Liquid Sheen is a fast curing 2 part silicone (Part A & B) that can be used for lightly matting down glossy silicone surfaces without the use of powders. It leaves a beautiful natural sheen (not matt) on the surface of Platinum-based silicone prosthetics - perfect for an "eggshell" finish.

Liquid Sheen can also be used as a micro-thin protective layer to seal in Alcohol Activated make-ups that have been applied over a silicone prosthetic.

  • 30g (1 oz)

  • 60g (2 oz)

  • LSK-30 - 30g (1 oz) Kit with box of lint-free tissue

  • LSK-60 - 60g (2 oz) Kit with box of lint-free tissue

  • Lint Free Tissue - for easier application of Liquid Sheen


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